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Think in terms of marketing and strategy

Contraction of cultural budgets led more and more communities and associations to seek complementary private funding (patronage, participatory financing, shop, restaurant…). These practices are still a reluctance among some professionals. Overview of the issue with Jean-Michel Tobelem, Professor at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, specialist of the management of cultural and Director of Option culture […]

«Ahae, patron gangster.

It is a remarkable book published by Bernard Hasquenoph, a book that reads a treaty as a detective story, well that unfortunately based on real facts. In response to the surveys published on its website Louvrepourtous, should logically lead it to intervene in schools of journalism. Because it has not only proved method of intelligence […]

Patronage and participatory financing

Patronage and participatory financing Wednesday, December 9, 2015 Network of museums of Basse-Normandie The Dominican – Pont l ' Evêque Corporate philanthropy, Foundation, friends of museums or participatory financing… The patronage for the museums can take many forms, depending on the issues. What are those that may match your Museum? Why and how to use […]

Museums, cultural tourism and economic development

Seminar on the profession of Museum curator 1st day: museums, cultural tourism and economic development Friday 27 November 2015, 9 h – 17 h in Toulouse (DRAC) * Attention full *. RESERVED FOR PROFESSIONALS The Association of curators of museums of France committed actions in a logic of valorization of the museum network, in which […]

6th Forum of cultural innovation. 2045: Back to our future

For its 6th edition, the cultural Innovation Forum will be held on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 to the departmental Museum of Ancient Arles. Organized by the Pole Industries Culturelles & heritages, the Innovation Forum Cultural creates conditions of encounters between professionals and students around themes of innovative and exemplary projects in the sectors of culture […]

Events in the cultural sites. The marketing of temporary exhibitions

Finistère tourism publishes a practical guide (downloadable) entitled "special events in the cultural sites. Exhibitions marketing", written by Jean-Michel Tobelem. It follows a seminar organized by Finistère tourism, which brought in Brest, a few months ago, many professionals from the world of tourism and culture. A further indication of the work done by this organization […]

Heritage days: a French passion

Heritage days: a French passion With Jean-Michel Tobelem, Option Culture Director and associate professor at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.         This theme was raised on the antenna of Europe 1 (32') during the journal Europe Midi Jean-Michel Aphatie and Maxime Switek 18 September 2015.

The re-entry of museums

The re-entry of museums This was the title of the show by Laurent Goumarre the new appointment on France Inter September 15, 2015. Dating increase, decrease subsidies… What does 2015? With: Serge Lasvignes, president of the Centre Pompidou Stéphane Martin, president of the Musée du Quai Branly Elisa Farran, Director of the Museum Estrin in […]

Museums and democracy

Jean-Michel Raingeard, president of the French federation of friends of museums, deals with the theme "Museums and democracy" in the latest issue of the magazine the friend of Museum (number 49, was 2015). Here is the presentation of the French Federation of societies of friends of museums. Friends of museums, in compliance with the responsibilities […]

Future of the conservatives: who is wrong, who is right?

Why conservatives are legitimate head of museums. This is the title of point of view defended by Eric Blanchergorge, in the Hélène Girard article in Gazette of Commons. And do this in response at the article presenting the publication "the museum curators. Strengths and weaknesses of a profession"(La Documentation française), which analyzes a form of […]

Museum marks: a public space revisited?

Museum marks: a public space revisited? Call for papers. International symposium Toulouse, the 2 and 3 June 2016 From a classic entrepreneurial context, brands now know a continuous expansion in the public sector and particularly in the Museum field. The creation of an agency dedicated to the accompaniment of the intangible heritage of the State […]

Starchitecture (s). Figures of architects and urban space

The Starchitecture (s) work. Figures of architects and urban space has just been published. Under the direction of Maria Gravari-Barbas and Cécile Fox-de Jesus; Foreword by Joan Ockman Here is the presentation. The 1990s and 2000s are characterized by the profusion of iconic architectural projects, in a bidding war that had known little other periods […]

Economics of the arts and culture

An ambitious and illuminating book. The book of François Mairesse and Fabrice Rochelandet 'Economy arts and culture' (Armand Colin, 2015) brings important elements for the understanding of the contribution of economic science in the cultural field. Here is the presentation. The economic speech intrudes every day more in the world of culture, sometimes at the […]