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Dominique Lahary wrote in 2005 in the (s) Library Journal: "isn't the newspaper libraries, as there is no trains that arrive on time. This sentence summed up the lack of visibility of the action of the library on a daily basis. Have things changed?

On the one hand, in recent years, professionals, first in the University Library, took the issue from the perspective of the evaluation then the impact of the library. And today, the Library Association of France, commissioned by the media and cultural industries branch, is preparing to launch an investigation into the economic and social value of libraries.

On the other hand, especially with the decline in resources and competition from the internet, the library is strongly questioned in its usefulness.

If the profession is convinced of the ongoing need of the library in the public space, it becomes necessary today to bring its arguments in the public square.

Enssib and ABF offer a study day to learn how to support and develop the library. This day is designed in two times: give tools and methods to be able to plead then learn how to mount a campaign of advocacy.

It seemed useful to achieve this to draw on examples of American and European colleagues.


  • 9: 00 – 9 h 30: reception of participants.
  • 9:30 – 10: 00: opening by Yves Alix, Director of Enssib.
  • 10 h – 11 h: the economic and social value of libraries, surveys, methodologies, indicators, by Anne Verneuil, responsible Advocacy ABF and Christopher Evans, head of the service commission studies and research Bpi.
  • Pause
  • 11 h 15 – 12 h: context and indicators of impact in the development of a plea: the example of American University libraries, Danuta A. Nitecki, Dean of Drexel University libraries, Dean of Libraries, and Professor, College of Computing & Informatics. [Intervention traduite en français]
  • 12: 00 – 12:45 – talk about the library through the measure of its impact: a paradigm shift, by Cécile Touitou, responsible mission Marketing, library of Sciences Po, Direction to resources and information scientist, expert Afnor.
  • Lunch break.
  • 14 h 15 – 15 h: an advocacy method applied to Agenda 2030 by Raphaëlle Bats, Enssib and Patrick Mégel, municipal library of Martigues – french correspondents of International Advocacy Program (IAP) of IFLA / members of the Group Agenda 2030 of ABF.
  • 15: 00 – 16: 30: support and develop libraries in Europe.
    Round table moderated by Raphaëlle Bats, with the participation of:
    Vincent Bonnet, Director of EBLIDA (European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations).
    -Hannah Gent, responsible for mission, Public Libraries 2020, Reading & Writing Foundation.
    Barbara Lison, German Library Association Director.
  • 4.30 pm – Conclusion by Jean-Michel Tobelem, Professor at the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, specialist of the management of the facilities Director of Option Culture, and Cultural Institute of studies and research.
Contact: Julia Morineau
Event address:

Enssib amphitheatre

17-21 bd of November 11, 1918

Villeurbanne – France


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