Economics of the arts and culture

An ambitious and illuminating book.

The book of François Mairesse and Fabrice Rochelandet 'Economy arts and culture' (Armand Colin, 2015) brings important elements for the understanding of the contribution of economic science in the cultural field.

Here is the presentation.

The economic speech intrudes every day more in the world of culture, sometimes at the expense of what constitutes culture itself.

Therefore, for the professionals of this sector, appropriating its codes to control and understand the implications of the economic logic in the field of arts and culture.

This book presents the main methods of reasoning of the economic logic and public intervention.

Another mechanism, based on the don, exerted on each of the areas of culture (the performing arts, heritage, arts, books, recorded music, cinema) which here are the subject of a specific analysis.

The latter are currently experiencing upheavals considerable, including related developments in information and communication technologies, inducing new business models as the long drags the crowdfunding.

At a time when theatres, libraries and museums are less often administered by artists or scientists, where culture, as a whole, is thought from the 'the creative economy', more than ever, it is important to investigate the evolution of this sector of our humanity.

Eco art cultureThe table of contents.


The general framework

  • The cultural goods and services: definition and delimitation
  • A hybrid system
  • The logic of the market
  • The public logic
  • The logic of the gift

Sector analysis

  • The performing arts
  • Heritage
  • The artist, fine arts, the art market
  • Cultural industries: definition and organization
  • Cultural industries: sectoral comparisons

Cross-cutting issues

  • Cultural diversity
  • Integrate culture in the economy
  • Temporality, spatial
  • Globality: economy of the star system
  • The arrival of the new digital players




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