Museums and democracy

Jean-Michel Raingeard, president of the French federation of friends of museums, deals with the theme "Museums and democracy" in the latest issue of the magazine the friend of Museum (number 49, was 2015).

Here is the presentation of the French Federation of societies of friends of museums. Friend of Museum

Friends of museums, in compliance with the responsibilities of museums and the elected professionals, contribute to the life of museums with as objective:

  • research and public loyalty
  • participate in "education" of their members
  • participate in the enrichment of the collections

Created in 1973 the French Federation of societies of friends of museums (FFSAM) has 290 associations.

Interlocutor of institutional and cultural leaders

The Parliament, the ministries, the Direction of the museums of France, the General Association of curators, etc.

Ongoing support for the efforts made by the associations

To better publicize the museums by going to meet new audiences, also fostering the integration of Associations of friends in the policies for cities, departments, regions.


The FFSAM and the media

A spokesman for the Associational life with the media.

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Ministry of Culture

An organization of communication between associations

A place for exchanging experience for them.

A website (friends – was established providing a space to each member association.

"Friend of the Museum" a magazine published two or three times a year reflects the initiatives of associations for museums and their public (open to contemporary art for example).
Reprinted 4500 copies, friend of Museum allows each association to benefit from the experience of others.
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Furthermore circulars are published in the areas of tax, legal, insurance, depending on the needs expressed by the members.

The FFSAM involved in the institutions and associations

The Federation was represented by its Chairman in the Council the COFAC, Coordination of Federations of Associations of Culture and Communication which includes voluntary cultural associations and participates in the work of the Conference Permanente des Coordinations Associatives (CPCA), the main interlocutor of the Government.

The Federation is a member of the High Council of the museums of France

At the international level, the French Federation is a founding member of the World Federation of societies of friends of museums comprising 1,500,000 members in 30 countries.

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