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Article of Hélène Girard in the Gazette of Commons June 30, 2016.

Three academics are preparing to publish a document intended for the public entitled "cultural infrastructure: what territorial impact? How to maximize the effects? »

The Gazette may have knowledge in preview.

"At a time where decentralization raises many questions on the sharing of the burden of development cultural territorial, the 'structuring' notion is recurrent in debates", note in their introduction three academics report "cultural infrastructure: what territorial impact? How to maximize the effects? »
Namely Jean-Luc bridges, Director of the firm Culture and territory, Fabrice Thuriot, engineer of studies at the Center for research on the territorial decentralization, teacher and researcher at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, and Jean-Michel Tobelem, associate professor at the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and Director of the firm Option Culture.

A term bandied about

Force is indeed to see that over the years, the word "structuring" became overused, to the point of appearing in mostly press releases announcing the creation of new structures.

We know really what is the structuring"effect" hoped, or if the conditions for a surgical delivery are met.

Question this term is even more, according to three academics, that this "fuzzy concept" is often used as criteria to mobilize public support.

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Ten case studies studied

The three authors so strive to develop a definition of the word, which can be shared by the State, communities and those responsible for equipment.

Then search under what conditions a cultural institution can "get the structural qualities for its territory. »

The researchers worked on the analysis of the word in different studies of the Ministry of Culture and the exploration of ten monographs of sites chosen in legal, territorial, and different cultural contexts:

  • A cultural meeting centre (Arc can),
  • A historical monument (Castle of Murol)
  • A "medieval site' (Guédelon),
  • An Art Museum (Museum matisse).
  • An open-air museum (ecomusée of Alsace),
  • A scientific culture centre (Nausicaä),
  • A regional agency of cinema (Centre image),
  • A multidisciplinary wasteland (beauty of May),
  • A multidisciplinary festival (Les Francophonies).
  • A summer jazz festival (Jazz in Marciac).

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