Future of the conservatives: who is wrong, who is right?

Why conservatives are legitimate head of museums.

This is the title of point of view defended by Eric Blanchergorge, in the Hélène Girard article in Gazette of Commons.

And do this in response at the article presenting the publication "the museum curators. Strengths and weaknesses of a profession"(La Documentation française), which analyzes a form of weakening of the body of curators of heritage.

Here is the beginning of the article.

President of the General Association of curators of public collections of France (AGCCPF), Eric Blanchegorge believes any questioning of the legitimacy of his peers at the direction of the museographic equipment.

It explains why and refutes in passing the thesis of two academics, Jean-Michel Tobelem and Frédéric Poulard, who believe the profession facing "unprecedented destabilisation.

The Conservatives museumsPresident of the association of conservatives share so not the observation expressed by the various authors of this publication, which is yet fed, informed and reasoned.

This raises several questions:

  • His point of view consider it it convincing?
  • Is this a way to hide a reality, while contrasting, but that does not always encourage optimism?
  • Is this the best way to cope with the current turmoil and to anticipate strong coming transformations in the world of museums and heritage?

A debate on this subject would seem welcome.

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