Museums, cultural tourism and economic development

Seminar on the profession of Museum curator

1st day: museums, cultural tourism and economic development

Friday 27 November 2015, 9 h – 17 h in Toulouse (DRAC)

* Attention full *.


The Association of curators of museums of France committed actions in a logic of valorization of the museum network, in which fit days professional reflection on trades and practices, in order to facilitate the constructive exchanges between the actors of the heritage and museums.

Programme of the seminar of 27 November 2015


Face the transformation of the territorial landscape, the Association intends to promote reflections on "the conservative business and its evolution", make share issues with politicians and their administrative guardianship, of actors; culture and cultural tourism so that together, it is possible to consider the future in respect of the missions entrusted to the actors of the heritage.

These days of seminar will be phased over time, the first two are planned in November 2015 and 2016 March.

Each will deal with a theme and address the various issues linked to it.

These days will be the opportunity to speak to specialists issues, involving elected officials and professionals of museums presenting examples on the ground, to know the reality of the trades to the elect and administrative and leave a very large place in the debates.

At a time where the difficulty to think the report of the culture economy grew up in a context of budgetary rigour where one is tempted to look for "the rationale of cultural policies by returns on investment", is it possible to "reaffirm culture as own, without seeking to enslave him to an economic argument"?

These issues will be debated during this 1st day of seminar museums, cultural tourism and economic development.


Open widely to professionals in the sector, this seminar is designed specifically to personal museums, to the elect and the administrative burdens of culture of local authorities, professionals of tourism as well as university teachers, researchers and students.

The Association of curators of museums de Midi-Pyrénées (Association loi 1901), created in 1984, is a Fédérée Section of "the General Association of curators of public Collections of France" and brings together professionals, directors of museums, sites and services by public authorities.

Toulouse 2015

Cover illustration: Mercury – Hermes for Greek – Roman patron deity of trade, travellers and Messenger of the gods – represented on a map of Martinique published in the Atlas Novus in Vienna in 1728, Matthieu Seutter (coll. private)

THE program

9 h 00 registration of participants

Brigitte Benneteu, President of the Association of the Conservatives of the museums of France, head curator of heritage, Director of the departmental Conservation of the museums of the Tarn

9:30 economics and Culture

Laurent Roturier, regional director of Cultural Affairs Midi-Pyrénées

10 h 00 museums: expense or investment

Jean-Michel Tobelem, doctor in sciences of management HDR, associate professor at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Director of the Institute of studies and research Option Culture

Examples on the territory

10.30 Musée Soulages, Rodez: a Museum for the city

Christian Teyssèdre, Mayor of Rodez and President of the community of Agglomeration du Grand-Rodez

Benoît Decron, Chief Curator of the Musée Soulages, Director of the museums of Rodez

Aurignac 11.00: a Museum in rural area

Jean-Luc Jernan, President of the Communauté de Communes of the lands of Aurignac, Member of the Board of the Assembly of communities of France

Joëlle Arches, conservation officer, Director of the Museum-forum of the Aurignacian

11 h 30 exchanges

Moderator: Francis Duranthon, curator, Director of Museum of Toulouse

12:30 lunch


14 h 00 museums: poles structuring the territory in the region

Dominique Salomon, Vice President of the Region Midi-Pyrénées, responsible for Culture

2:30 pm Impacts of museums in the region

Martine Regourd, Professor of information and communication at the University Toulouse Capitole

Example on the territory

15.00 «Narbonne: the regional Museum of the ancient Narbonne (Murena).

An elected representative of the Region Languedoc-Roussillon (subject)

Ambroise Lassalle, conservative, responsible for the project Murena and Caroline Papin, conservative, responsible for collections

3.30 p.m. exchanges

Moderator: Florence Velasquez-Dutheil, Chief Curator of the heritage, Director of the Musée Ingres – Montauban

15 h 45 synthesis of the day

Thomas Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, affiliate professor and researcher at the CNRS – GREG HEC (Group of research and studies in management of HEC)

4 p.m. debate in the presence of all stakeholders

Moderator: Sylvie Grange, Chief Conservateure of heritage, Director of DiSo

17:00 end of day



DRAC. Hotel of the Knights of Saint-John of Jerusalem, 32 street of the Dalbade, Toulouse.

next days

  • The conservation and knowledge of heritage: a prerequisite for dissemination / Re-ask heritage (March 9, 2016)
  • Cultural transmission: mission education
  • The professionalisation of quality: a challenge for the future



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