Patronage and participatory financing

Patronage and participatory financing

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Network of museums of Basse-Normandie

The Dominican – Pont l ' Evêque

Corporate philanthropy, Foundation, friends of museums or participatory financing…

The patronage for the museums can take many forms, depending on the issues.

What are those that may match your Museum?

Why and how to use the sponsorship?

Is reserved to prestigious museums?

How to convince the patrons?

How to federate the public around a project of participatory financing?

So many questions we will address during this day of sharing of experience.

logo_cafemuseoThe program

9 h 30

  • Coffee and gossiping

10 h

  • Frameworks and best practices of cultural patronage

By Ariane Le Carpentier, Advisor for cultural development for the DRAC, regional referent for cultural patronage

10 h 30

  • The patronage in the association Le Savoir and iron

By Michaël Herbulot, agent of cultural and tourism development for the association Le Savoir and iron

11 h

  • The Heritage Foundation

11 h 30

  • The patronage of the friends of the museums

By Christian Ferre, President of the friends of the museums of Basse-Normandie Regional

12 h 00

  • The Schlumberger Foundation-Museum

By Christophe de Ceunynck, Director of the Château de Crèvecoeur

2: 00 pm

  • Participatory financing at the Thomas-Henry Museum

By Louise Le Gall, curator of the museums from Cherbourg

  • Culture Time

By Thérèse Lemarchand, responsible organizations in Culture Time, participatory cultural funding platform

  • Dartagnans

By Roman Delaume, founding partner of Dartagnans, participatory financing platform dedicated to cultural heritage

3: 00 pm

  • The financing of museums

By Jean-Michel Tobelem, Director of Option Culture, doctor in management sciences, associate professor at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

3:30 pm

Visit of the Dominican


The Dominican cultural space. Role of the tribunal. Pont l ' Evêque

Tel.  : 02 31 64 89 33




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