The Louvre-Lens and other considerations

Voici le commentaire – au sujet de l’ouverture du Louvre-Lens – d’une observatrice du monde culturel, Maria Vlachou.

« Lens is an hour away from Paris by train.

Does it really make sense (in the name of “cultural decentralisation and democracy” or as a means of making amends…) to break up a world famous collection, visited by millions of people living in France and also coming from abroad, in order to take it closer to people that could easily have access to it?

And if this is not the case for all (which probably isn´t), wouldn´t it make more sense to make transport to Paris more accessible to all those interested in visiting the museum?

Furthermore, in a region that seems to have already got a rich cultural offer, wouldn´t it make more sense to support existing structures and their links to the capital?

Or, if it was actually considered that it was the right time and place to create a new cultural venue, wouldn´t it be more appropriate, in competitive terms as well, to create something unique and distinctive of that region?

Finally, if decisions were made in the name of regional development, is the museum expected to perform a miracle on its own, when basic, complementary infastructures are still not in place? »

Pour lire l’intégralité de l’article, qui fait le lien avec d’autres cas à l’échelle nationale et internationale, dont Foz Côa :

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